ANTIL’S Hot Water Rubber bag


Product Highlights:
Material: Rubber, unlike other unreliable water bags,
its can resist the hot water pressure comfortably.
High quality guaranteed rubber hot bag, Leak proof, colorful, high quality,
Easy to clean & Keep water hot for longer time.
Fill 2/3rd of the bottle and before tightening the stopper expel the excessive air..
Treats muscular pain, induces relaxation, releases stress nstantly relieves joint pains, muscular cramps, menstrual pains, stomach and back aches.
Display Images Product May Be Vary.
Return Policy : Not Returnable.””

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“Product Highlights:
Leakage proof
Our hot water bag is made of high quality PVC material.
It?s completely leak proof and won?t allow water to spill out from the bottle.
Plastic cap with copper ring makes sure there is no water leakage from the bag.
Relieve stress and anxiety
Stress has become a common thing for many of us,
and sometimes we need some extra help to relax and calm down.
Next time you feel sad or depressed;
try hugging a warm water bottle..
As Per Display Images Product May Be Vary.
Return Policy : Not Returnable.”

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