Mausam The Royal Black Unisex Apparel Spray (50 ml.)


Long Lasting Guarantee even after Washing Cloths
Available in 12+ Fragrances
Unisex Apparel Spray
Proudly Made in INDIA

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Mausam The Royal Black Perfume is a very long lasting apparel spray. The company provides guarantee for long lasting fragrance in all its perfumery products even after washing cloths by writing on product package. Moreover, it’s a unisex fragrance. We believe in “GAME TO SAHU NE KAHEJO ANE NA GAME TO AMNE KAHEJO” (It means if you like the product, refer it to all & if you don’t, ask us).

Manufacturer : Mausam Perfumers
Manufacturer : Mausam Perfumers
Net Quantity : 50 millilitre



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Dimensions 3 × 5 cm


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